Pita Pit does T&T Facebook Marketing Right

Social media marketing is driven by creativity. You can have all the data in the world, and post as many updates as you like, but if your communication isn’t culturally relevant and creative, you won’t get the buzz you crave.

That’s why we love Pita Pit T&T’s latest Facebook campaign – “Push-ups for Pitas”. It’s a solid, local case study for social media marketing in Trinidad and Tobago. (We’re definitely going to highlight this case study in our social media workshops.) It hits all the right notes… or should I say muscles?

It’s Carnival season, a time when many Trinis are hitting the gym, trying to craft tight, toned bodies. And pitas are a go-to food for health-conscious people. So what has Pita Pit done? Capitalised on this. Every Monday and Tuesday, customers get to determine how much of a discount they get by doing pushups. Do one pushup… You get a discount of one per cent. Do 15… You get 15 per cent off. Do 50… you get the idea.

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Pita Pit is a franchise that was founded in Canada, and there are two, local franchises. One is located at Starlite Shopping Plaza. The other is at Shoppes of Maraval.


Here are ten things that they’re doing right with this promotion.

1. Tapping into people’s increased exercise interest during the Carnival season.

2. The promotion runs on Monday and Tuesday – channelling Carnival Monday and Tuesday. Hello!

3. Appealing to people’s love for a discount. And you get to determine your discount too! This gives consumers ownership in the promotion.

4. The campaign matches their slogan and brand values – “Fresh thinking. Healthy eating”.

5. It appeals to all age groups. Pita Pit has posted photos of young and elderly people doing push-ups.

6. They’re mixing content – using photos, videos, etc.

7. They regularly respond to posts and questions on the page.

8. They’re hitting the right triggers that encourage people to share the promotion. And we’re not just talking about looking at the videos and photos. It generates fun, because you can egg on your friends in the comments, challenging them to see if they can pull off 100 or more push-ups. You get involved.

9. They’re publishing user content. People feel incentivised to send Pita Pit content, not just because of the discount possibilities, but because you get an ego boost showing you can actually do proper push-ups.

10. They’re boosting the ‘share-ability’ of the promotion even more by rewarding people who share videos with the chance to win free pitas. So you don’t have to be in-store to get in on the wins. On a post that encouraged people to share and get the chance to win, Pita Pit T&T got 402 likes, 102 comments, and 459 shares. Now that’s engagement.

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Images via iStockphoto and Pita Pit T&T’s Facebook page.